Saint George Orthodox Cathedral
Centennial Commemorative Journal

Rich in history, this Worcester-based church wanted to acknowledge its 100-year anniversary with a special commemorative publication. The parish had an extensive archive of photographs, which told the amazing story of this Central Massachusetts landmark. Needless to say, the size and scope of the book grew quickly.

We wanted this book to be a stunning archival piece that would be cherished by current and future parishioners—an ambitious goal that had to be achieved within the church’s modest budget. The 336-page book was published by a yearbook manufacturer, which saved costs, and was ready on time for the church’s celebration weekend — with only a few late nights thrown in for good measure.

Design and production
Art direction and consultation
Print oversite

We observed something interesting on this project. Historically, photographs taken of large groups or organizations were left to professionals. Frankly, they were the only ones that had the equipment. The large format cameras they used created images with stunning detail and the photographer’s composition was excellent. Back then having your photo taken was a big deal!

However, as the years progressed, we noticed that the image composition and quality decreased. Portrait photography became commonplace and photography in general moved into the hands of the masses. Oooh, looking ahead we feel bad for the firm who develops the 150-year Commemorative Journal.