Furniture by Dovetail

This high-end furniture designer and manufacturer initially employed us to create an advertising campaign about its recent expansion and relocation, as well as the addition of a new showroom. We began the project with a customary review of recent marketing materials. What we found was an outdated image that did not accurately reflect the high-quality approach used for wood selection, joinery and overall craftsmanship. So, we suggested a reinvention of Dovetail's visual brand.

The company was already considering changing its name, so the timing was perfect. We developed specific criteria to define the new image: sleek, simple and sophisticated with a nod to the past, where quality and craftsmanship were the standard. Naturally, wood—its grains and colors—was a primary source of inspiration, particularly for the logo. Typography with a traditional feel provided that "classic" element.

Design and consultation
Creative direction
Direction of photography
Design and development

In keeping with our design criteria, Furniture by Dovetail's new logo emphasizes the beauty of wood grain—a signature element of its fine furniture.

Eye-catching photography is a vital component for brand reinvention. We art directed striking images that would make customers feel as though they could just about touch the furniture experience its beauty firsthand. Given the quality of this product, it wasn't difficult to do!

Brochures, advertisements, signage and web direction weren't the only areas we focused on to elevate Furniture by Dovetail's image. We also updated the price tags that hang on every piece of furniture. Instead of plain white, the tags now boast warm colors and a handwritten description from the individual craftsman, imparting a truly personal touch.

Simple and straight-forward signage works well on the Holden storefront.